Off-grid system vs On-grid system

So many people these days wish they could install solar in their homes. However many people find themselves confused as to what would be the best setup for them. The setup is determined by a number of factors but really it’s about picking between one of three choices – on-grid solar, off-grid solar and hybrid solar.

On-Grid System

An on-grid system is where your solar system is connected to the main utility grid. The aim is really for both to work together and supplement each other. When your solar panels produce less than what your house needs, like on a cloudy day or at night, then the utility grid adds the difference. If the solar panels generate more power than your home needs then the excess power gets fed into the utility grid for your immediate neighbours to enjoy. If you want a solar system but want to cover yourself on a rainy day, then this is a viable option for you.

Off-grid System

As the name suggests, an off-grid system is a system that is set up independent of the main utility grid. It’s a system set up to produce more electricity than needed during the peak generation hours during the day. The excess electricity is then used to charge the storage batteries for night time when electricity generation is limited. This system is ideal for areas where there is no power grid but it can be expensive because of the need for higher capacity storage batteries.

Hybrid System

A hybrid system combines the storage capabilities of an off-grid system with the supplementary power option of an on-grid system. How this works is that the system primarily functions like an off-grid system whereby the solar panels produce excess power for use and storage. Then in the evening the system works off the batteries. Should the power level of the batteries get low then the system uses the main utility grid to power the house and charge the batteries. So this way consumers can have their cake and eat it.

So when you are thinking about installing a solar system in your house it is wise to think about how you would want it to work for you then talk to your expert to design the right system for you. There is no single right answer but there can be a wrong one for you. But with the right configuration you can never be left in the dark.

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