Safety Braided Rope Coil – 10mm x 100m

Product description: Braided Rope is generally made from nylon, polyester, polypropylene or high performance fibers such as high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) . There are three types of braided rope:

  • The first is Hollow Braided Rope, which is created by braiding groups of fibers together to create a tight tube of rope with an empty center.
  • The second is Solid Braid Rope, which is a complex braid that has a filler core which gives it more strength than a Hollow Braided Rope.
  • The third is a Double Braided Rope. This kind of rope has a braided core that is covered with a braided jacket. This braided core allows it to be even stronger than the Solid Braid Rope.
  • Bright, hard-wearing, flexible, lightweight and waterproof – the ideal marine safety line.
  • Available in orange, red and yellow color ways for high visibility.
  • Outdoor Gear, Packaging, Agriculture, Shipping, Security, Decoration, Chinese Knot

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