Nylon Rope – 10mm x 15m

Product description:

  • Nylon is well-known for soft feel on hands and modest stretch combined with high breaking strain.
  • Easy to connect and remove the pipe tow rope on the trailer, can withstand high strength pipe tow rope
  • High-quality power cord, high tensile strength steel hook, color coded, easy to identify, prevent knotting, achieve smoother, stronger traction
  • Whether it's tying up your bike, fixing your luggage, improving your convenience line, or keeping your camping gear on the roof, this premium stretch cord set and hook strap won't let you down.
  • Intensity exceeds your normal elastic band: Unlike most lace straps and bungee cords on the market today, these premium elastic cord combinations use a latex core to maintain their superior elasticity and long-lasting deformation.

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