Electrical deep well submersible pump 1hp 0.75kw 220v 1 phase

pplication The deep depth pump is ideal for retrieving clear water from wells, fountains, etc. It is also able to pump water from great depths and transport it with good pressure thanks to its multi-level impeller system. The integrated thermal protection protects the pump against overload. Characteristic

  • Brand new
  • Pump housing Stainless steel
  • Mounting and simple handling
  • With max flow of 5.5 m³/h
  • With motor of 1hp/0.75kw
  • Inexpensive, high quality and corrosion-resistance
  • Conveying the water from the depth
  • 304 stainless steel body, will not rust, easy to carry
  • Can be utilized in the dirty water
  • For house water supply and garden irrigation
  • Pumped by high pressure from depth

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