Aluminum rivets- head size 3.2mm(W) x6.4mm(L), 200pcs

Product Details:
  • Domenhead design
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM: These Rivets are made of High Quality Aluminum which is one of the highest forms of corrosion resistance, making it last longer than other hardware on the market today.
  • RIVETS THAT YOU CAN DEPEND ON: Our hardware is very strong and is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Aluminum rivets are superior to regular steel and provide excellent rust resistance in salt water applications.
  • GREAT TO KEEP AROUND: Our hardware is great to have around for use in wood and wet environments. This hardware is the highest quality available on the market and we stand by our claim 100%. They are strong, corrosion resistant and will support all of your projects.
  • Quantity: 200 pcs
  • Material: Aluminum rivets with steel mandrel

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