Forge 3000w inverter

Product details:

  • 3000W (surge 6000W) Forge inverter with 4 pcs of cables with cable lug terminals, manual, and warranty card. Everything you need to complete the installation is included.
  • Rated power: 3000W; surge power: 6000W -- a good source of backup power supply for off grid system or emergency like power failure.
  • Reliable performance-- the 3000W Power inverter is equipped with extra thick (2.0mm) PCB which greatly enhances the load capacity of the inverter.
  • Protections, under voltage alarm cut down protection, over voltage protection, reverse fuse protection, high volt cut off protection, Over current, Over load shut off protection, Short circuit fuses protection, Over thermal production.
  • Monitor power usage with no effort-- LED Display for both DC volt and AC volt which makes the power usage clear for users.
  • All around protection of the power inverter.High voltage input cut off protection, low voltage alarm protection, overload protection, over current protection, surge power protection, reverse connection protection and short circuit protection by fuse.
  • Silent cooling system-- intelligent silent fan cools the inverter down automatically without any annoying noise. There is rational and sufficient design of heat sink inside.
  • If you need the inverter to run the inductive load (for appliance such as compressor, motor, water pump), please calculate the power of inverter 3 to 7 times higher than the rated power of your appliance.

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