340w poly crystalline solar panel

Product details: 340w poly-crystalline solar panel factory, a good choice of solar panels for schools, houses and commercial buildings, solar water pumps, solar air conditioners. ThisĀ  Polycrystalline solar panel made by super high efficiency poly solar cells with half-cut cell technology, your best solar panel options.


  • Antireflective glass
  • Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%
  • Module efficiency is increased by 2%
  • Self-cleaning function

Solar Cell

  • High Efficiency PV Cells
  • Appearance Consistency
  • Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module
  • Anti-PID


  • Conventional frame
  • Silver or black frames are optional
  • Boost bearing capability and prolong service life
  • Serrated-clip design tensile strength
  • Seal-lip design glue injection

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