Mechanics creeper

Product details;

  • It is not only available in expert and professional edition but also is low profile design with excellent ergonomics and comfortable padding.
  • Can lift heavy weight up to 350 lbs.
  • 6 multi-terrain swivel casters offers maneuverability
  • Carry handle offers easy portability

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Tow Rope – 5 Tonne


  •  48 -4 mm wide meters long and up to 5 tons of heavy forged hook 2, easy to operate
  •  For heavy-duty forged steel hook 2x car, van, 4x4 and agricultural vehicles (up to 5 tons), easy on / off operation is housed in a nice storage bag
  •  Tow rope use: No matter if your car is in the ditch, stuck in the desert, deep hole, snowy or even swamp mud, this leash can be installed to help you drag your beloved car away from it. The  place, the recovery belt will never let you down!
  • Safety: Durable, no safety problems, thickened and thickened, protect the belt edges from wear and wear, and ensure long service life.
  • We provide a variety of items for camping, traveling, and outdoor use, so that you can purchase one-stop shopping and have a pleasant trip.

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Tow Rope – 7 Tonne

Product details:

  • 32mm Polysteel Tow Rope - 7 Metres Finished Length.
  • Your rope comes complete with a soft eye spliced at each end, and both eyes are fully protected with a polyester web sleeving and two 4.75 tonne tested bow shackles. The colour of sleeving may vary.
  • Polysteel rope is rot proof, waterproof and UV resistant.
  • All tow ropes are handmade to customers order. If you require a rope which is not on our website, then please do not hesitate to call us directly.

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