Shifting Spanner, Carbon Steel, Chrome Plated 6″ (150mm)


  • Adjustable open head, Suitable for all kinds of bolts;
  • Smooth finished open head, strong abrasive resistance;
  • Durable design service life;
  • Surface matt chrome Electroplating;
  • Elegant and grand. Rusting resistance;
  • Laser printing scale division, Clear and accurate, promote working efficiency;
  • Clear steel seal;
  • Full range size 6″,8″,10″,12″;
  • Steel seal brand logo, clear and delight
  • Widely used in Home maintenance, automobile maintenance industry, manufacture industry and construction industry
  • Quality Carbon Steel;
  • Precision Worm-Gear applied, flexible for using;
  • No stacking and promote working efficiency;
  • Product performance qualified to the American ANSI B 107.8M standard;
  • Overall heat treatment;
  • High rigidity;
  • Large torque;
  • Good toughness;
  • Strong gripping
  • Quality Carbon Steel

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