G-Clamp – 10″


  • 10" G Clamp Vice has an alloy steel frame with a steel swivel screw and handle..
  • Medium-duty clamp with drop-forged steel frame. Fused steel handle and swivel shoe.
  • Strong and durable with a fast and smooth operation.

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G-Clamp – 12″

Description: Guaranteed unbreakable malleable iron frame with a fast action twin start rolled acme thread. The steel swivel shoe applies an even pressure, even on angled surfaces, whilst the tommy bar will bend before the frame can become over-stressed

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G-Clamp – 4″


  • Ideal for metal and woodworking applications, these  clamps are most popular and widely used G-clamps
  • It is used particularly for metalworking and fabrication work where very high clamping force is needed.
  • It has drop - forged steel frame for strength and durability.
  • Swivel shoe helps clamping on uneven surface.
  • It has twin-start acme cold rolled thread for faster operation. its fused steel handle will bend before the clamp can be overstressed.
  • Manufactured from drop forged ribbed anti-twist frame steel suited to fabrication and welding applications, etc. Resistant to rusting and weld spatter.

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G-Clamp – 6″

Description: A range of four general purpose engineer’s G-clamps which have smooth running screw threads with rotatable captive pads on the lower clamping face. These clamps are finished in stove enamelled blue. G clamps are a general purpose clamping tool which is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and can be used for many applications in both woodworking and metalworking. G Clamps or C clamps are the simplest models designed to hold objects in place and prevent any movement. These hand tools have two jaws. The upper edge of the ’G’ acts as one jaw and a threaded screw which comes through a hole at the bottom provides the other jaw for clamping workpieces. Due to their simple build and small size they can be used almost anywhere. They are ideal for woodworking or welding.

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G-Clamp – 8″

Description: 8" G Clamps are made from high grade iron casting, making them suitable for a wide variety of metalworking and woodworking applications. Accurately machined spindles provide a smooth operation and maximum clamping pressure. The frames have a powder coated finish for increased resistance to corrosion.

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