Electrical deep well submersible pump 1.5hp 1.1kw 220v 1 phase

Product details:

  • Applications For water supply from wells or reservoirs. For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications. For garden use and irrigation.
  • Features
CS, GS, RoHS certificated. 100% copper wire, stainless steel shaft, brass/cast iron outlet. Wide voltage range design, single-phase and three-phase. Strict complete testing for each product.

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Electrical deep well submersible pump 0.5hp 0.37kw 220v 1 phase

Product details:

1) Suit for hand mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture and high-rise water supply, etc..
2) Made of stainless steel and PC material, high precision, corrosion resistance, long life, a new "folding" impeller structure.
3) Exquisite appearance, high efficiency unit, large flow, high lift, can significantly reduce the cost of well, long life, energy saving, easy maintenance.
4) Pump wall smooth into one, driven by the motor shaft pump on all levels of impeller rotation.
5) The impeller is contained in the pump, the pump body and the impeller are respectively mounted on the shaft, the pump body is matched with the shaft clearance, the impeller is fixedly matched with the shaft, and the pump bodies at all levels are sequentially assembled on the shaft.
6) The upper end of the pump body is provided with a water outlet valve body, and the lower end of the pump body is provided with a motor seat
1. The motor is oil-filled structure, it is forbidden to water the motor.
2. When using the pump, if you want to adjust the position of the pump or touch the pump action, you must first cut off the power to prevent accidents.
3. The motor chamber of this product is marked with No. 10 white oil for food machinery to ensure that the mechanical seal is effectively lubricated and cooled. Leakage may occur in the event of product damage or malfunction.
4. Leakage of white oil may cause damage to plants or aquaculture products or contaminate drinking water and foodstuffs in the environment of cultivation, aquaculture or drinking water, food transportation and processing.
5. Users should choose the product before using the environment and the consequences of using this product to assess, has confirmed that the product is suitable for use, if necessary, should be invited to confirm the relevant professionals.
6. In the event of a white oil leak, stop using it immediately and dispose of it properly.
7. Electric pump into the water, the depth of not more than 70m, from the bottom of the water should be more than 3m, shall not fall into the mud to prevent debris clogging plants or blocked impeller, the pump can not work, the work process should always pay attention to check Water level, you must ensure that the pump has enough submergence depth.

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Electrical deep well submersible pump 0.7hp 0.55kw 220v 1 phase

Product details:

Deep well pump with 33ft cable, combined motor and pump in one, it deep dive into the water to work. Small footprint well pump, and easy on Installation, use, maintenance, no needs of constructing pump room
The water pump has no special requirement on well and water pipe, that means the pump can used in Steel pipe wells, ash pipe wells or soil wells, and if the pressure permit, steel pipe, hose or plastic pipe can be used as its water pipe

Stainless steel body, a built in check valve(unsealed), can be mounted vertically, Industrial grade heavy duty, also good for home usage

It is suitable for extraction from the deep wells for groundwater, and can also be used in rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water lifting works. Mainly used in farmland irrigation and mountainous areas for human and animal using water, but also for draining in cities, factories, railways, mines

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