Float switch


  • Float Switch helps to regulate water levels.
  • Including 3 meters of cable and balance weight.
  • Usable both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC).
  • Suitable for nominal current of 4A at 250V AC.
  • This float switch is ideally suited to control the level of a tank, reservoir or pond. The switch comes with a 3 meter cable and balance weight.
  • The waterproof switch floats on the surface. The balance weight can be attached to the cable and can be hung to the desired depth, this sets the desired control level.
  • The free length of the cable (between the balance weight and the switch) determines the lowest and highest level.
  • The smallest controllable level change is approximately 20 cm. At an angle of about 45 degrees, the device switches. The switch can be used normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO).
  • The float switch can be used to switch a pump or alarm.
  • Key benefits: - Can be used for both NC as NO operation - Including 3 meter cable and balance weight - Robust watertight PP housing

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