Forge Premium – Garden Fork – 4 Prong

Make Short Work of Digging Tasks Beautiful gardens come with a lot of yard work, but you can cut down your digging time with the Forge Premium 4 prong garden fork. This digging fork is designed with sharp diamond-shaped tines to penetrate soil and non-slip grips for quick grabs. Use the fork to dig up stones and separate them from soil, rake your garden beds or turn your mulch pile. With a lightweight fiberglass handle, a reinforced steel stem and long steel ferrule, this super strong fork is up to all of your most strenuous landscaping tasks.
  • For quick and efficient digging yard work
  • Use this digging fork for everything from raking leaves to turning your compost heap
  • 4 Prong fork is easy to grasp and use with 2 gripper hand positions on the stem
  • Diamond shape tines penetrate the ground better and more deeply
  • Fiberglass handle, steel stem and long steel ferrule make this tool lightweight yet durable and strong
  • The fork works well on both soil and rocky terrain

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