8 Pattern Dial Water Sprinkler

Durable ABS material, UV stabilized Built-in flow adjustment valve 8-Pattern selections to suit any watering requirements Select patterns by rotation of sprinkler insert Fits 12mm(1/2") garden hose Good flexibility and durable

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Electric Blower
$55.00 $52.00

JXS Coal Lighter - BBQ Fan Top Electric Forge Blower - 220V Pure Copper Motor - for Barbecue Fireplace Fans,370W

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Flat Pan Wheel Barrow – Heavy Duty, (Wheel with Bearings & Solid Steel Axle)

Garden wheelbarrow with flat pan, flat bin wheel barrow Plastic wheel barrow with plastic pan Steel frame - builders wheel barrows Solid wheel or pneumatic wheel Heavy duty wheelbarrow Using for garden, agriculture, home, construction and mining

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Garden Hose 3/4″ 30m Bare

Features: Made from high quality PVC 3-layer garden hose has been reinforced with polyester braid. Resistant to water working pressure and deformation. It is also resistant to UV radiation, internal part resistant to algae. Durable and flexible. Suitable for residential as well as commercial use. Designed for pumping up clean water with a working pressure max. 24 bar. Temperature range from -10°C to + 60°C.

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Garden Hose 3/4″ 50m Bare


CELL FAST ECONOMIC. Length of pipe: 50 m,

Installation supported: Above ground,

Product color: 1 piece(s)

Characteristics :

- Length of pipe : 50 m

- Supported installation : Above ground

- Number of layers : 3

- Flexible tube : Yes

- Weather resistant : Yes

- Resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV) : Yes

- Frost resistant : Yes

- Wear-resistant : Yes

- Operating temperature : -10 - 50 ° C

- Amount : 1 piece(s)

- Nozzle included : Not

- Spray gun supplied : Not

Product type: Garden Hoses & Reels

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Grass Slasher

The Grass Slasher & Weeder is a traditional tool for clearing long grass and weeds. The blade which is light and easy to use is sharpened on both sides for quick cutting, so you can use an easy swing motion to slash through grass and weeds with ease.

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Hand Push Mower
$90.00 $84.00

Hand Push Mower

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Hoe Head – 1.5lbs.

  • Made from forged carbon steel
  • Socket with screw hole for fitting to a suitable pole or handle
  • Forge  branded

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Lawn Sprinkler

  • Stable In-Ground Water Garden Sprinkler: Upgraded spike base, this lawn sprinkler can be inserted deeper into the ground firmly. Works well in rainy days, wind days or snow days. Made of durable ABS, internal thread and leak-proof design enable constant and long service time.
  • Easy to Use: Just need to connect the water joint with the connector and tap, the sprinklers will work perfectly without any other assembly or equipment. Friendly Notes: Two or more sprinkler can be connected in series to irrigate more area.
  • Automatic Irrigation System: Automatic 360 degree rotating spray, no more auxiliary power equipment needed, automatic garden/lawn irrigation supported by the pressure of household water supply. Three arms with adjustable two spray direction - direct or 45 degrees.
  • More Use: The lawn sprinkler can lawn irrigation, garden yard watering, vegetable watering, roof cooling, also used as summertime sprinkler for kids, you kids and your dogs will have fun with it.
  • Leak proof.

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