1/2″ Impulse Water Sprinkler

Product details; Irrigation Sprinkler is a key component in Irrigation system. Its purpose is jetting the pressure concentrate water to the air, produce foggy droplets and irrigate to the area equality that controlled, and effective saving water. Garden sprinkler/ water sprinkler---------Two sprinkle-nozzles Rotary sprinkler, Include male and female thread. Easy operation, spray evenly by 360 degree rotated. Wide range of flow rates and long spray radius. The color and material of the sprinkle-nozzle could be changed according to the client's requirements. Strict quality contron system to assure the products quality.

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3/4″ Impulse Water Sprinkler

Product details:

  • Full of part circle, Stainless steel arm spring, trip spring, trip collars, and trip pin, Anti-backsplash tube
  • A medium flow sprinkler with a 3/4" BSP male thread ideal for watering crops and large gardens.
  • The Impulse Part Circle Sprinkler features high resistance rotating joints for optimal watering coverage and ultimate performance.
  • The sprinkler is manufactured using corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel to ensure it is an item built to last.

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