Heavy Duty Latex Gloves

About this item

  • Natural latex has excellent elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance, durable.
  • This product is made with the unique formula of natural latex and professional equipment. It can be used in 70% sulfuric acid solution and 40% sodium hydroxide solution continuously, suitable for chemical printing and dyeing industries.
  • Durable Only one size-Extra Large, long gauntlet cuff protects lower arm and forearm(3 kinds length choices).
  • Acid and alkali environment with good barrier properties ,protecting hands from chemicals.
  • Ideal for: Automotive, Furniture Renovation, Chemical Industry , Household Cleaning, Car Washing, Mechanical Maintenance, Yard Work, Aquarium, Laboratory etc.

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Household Latex Gloves

Feature of Latex household gloves : 1. Low in water-soluble proteins, no chemical residue, harmless to human bodies; 2. Puncture resistant, tear resistant, blade cut resistant and abrasion resistant; 3. As a reusable product, just rinse in clean water after each use and air drying; 4. Storage of Latex household gloves : Store the glove in its original packaging protected from direct sunlight, far from heat sources; 5. Shelf Life of Latex household gloves : 3 years from the manufacture date under proper storage condition.

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