Carpenters Square 20x30cm


  • 100% Brand New and High Quality.
  • Handy conversion digits for precise rafter work.
  • Heavy yellow-coated steel, convenient use in daily.
  • Suitable doors and window framing, and general construction tasks.
  • Suitable for leather craft, carpenters, general DIY and construction workers.
  • Color: yellow Material
  • steel Feature: 90 degree angle Size(approx.): 20 * 30cm / 7.87 * 11.81"
  • Package Included: 1PC * Carpentry square ruler

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Carpenters Square 40x60cm


  • 90 ° try square 400 x 600 mm
  • Scale on both sides cm and millimeter
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: yellow
  • White Scale
Also known as a steel square, this framing square is a handy tool for carpentry. Its uses extend into framing and laying rafters and stairs. It can also be used as a straight-edge, finding and establishing right angles and marking cut-off work on wide stock.

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Tape Measure – 50m Long Steel Reel


  • Professional class II tape measure.
  • Heavy duty ABS case construction.
  • Quality Made acryl coated steel tape for long life.
  • Super fast rewind mechanism which rewinds 6 times speed of handle turn.
  • Foldable zero point, tape has de-burred edges prevent corrosion and tape cracking.

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Tape Measure 8M Dual – Auto Lock


  • 25mm (1") Wide Double Marked Blade: Centimeters & Inches Push Button for Blade Returning Ergonomic Shaped Casing Keeps Hands and Fingers Free and Safe When Blades Is Returning to Casing Auto Lock Blade System: Pull Blade Hook Out and Blade Automatically Stays Out, No Need to Hold Out or Press Any Stop Button etc. High Straightness Tape (within 1.9-2.3M) Complete with Belt Clip Avoid fully immersed in water and serious impact
  • Casing: ABS Plastic, TPR Rubber Coating Tape: Steel
  • Precise Scale Mark; Clearly Printed Numbers; Strong Auto Lock Function for Both Two Buttons up and down Good Resilience for The Spring
  • Black Casing, Yellow Buttons (Customized)

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