Full leather gloves 27cm


  • Cow split leather, Full lining, One piece back
  • With high quality
  • Have much experience in safety products
  • Can provide best price to custom
  • Have mass clients from all over the world.
  • Anti-scratch, Heat Insulation, Anti-Static
  • ¬†Household Electrical Appliances, Gardening, Cleaning

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Leather Reflector Gloves – 26cm

Leather Working Gloves "BASIC", length about 24-26cm long. The front of the work glove and fingers made of excellent quality cow split leather. The back of cotton fabric with elastic fastening tape. Fitted with a hard textile cuff. Minimum levels of mechanical strength: 4 (friction) 1 (blade cutting) 2 (tear) 3 (perforation) Leather is the traditional material of choice for many when it comes to gloves, and has a long and glorious history. As a glove material, it offers a level of abrasion protection that is hard to beat, but unfortunately is not effective against cut. We have recreated some of our most popular styles in high visibility fabrication to further increase safety on the job.

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