Masking tape 12mm x50m

  • Masking tape and also known as painter's tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper. It can be easily removed from many surfaces, suitable to use when painting and to mask off areas that require paint.
  • This masking tape is good quality and is easily applied and removed. Suitable for various applications including masking areas of your painting surface, however it is not suitable for use on paper.
  • Also suitable for general purpose labeling and taping applications such as bundling, mounting and light packing.
  • It is a lightly creped paper, coated with a solvent-based rubber/resin adhesive.
Features 12mm wide roll of masking tape 50 meter roll

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Masking tape 18mm x50m

General Purpose Painters Tape is suitable for professional tradesman & DIY painting applications. Ideally suited for clean edge separation & clean removal.

Features and Benefits

• Ideal combinations of adhesion and resistance to high temperatures • Ideal in painting baking processes • It may be exposed to temperatures up to 140 ° C • It does not tear Resistant to solvents and moisture

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Masking tape 24mm x50m

Product description

Great quality tape for any job that needs masking.
  • 25mm x 50m.
  • Professional quality.
  • Professional Quality for General Use.
  • Remove within 24 Hours.

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Masking tape 48mm x50m

Product details:

  • Engineered with a natural rubber adhesive, this everyday tape features good, instant adhesion and strong holding power, which makes it a favorite among teachers for their classroom settings.

  • Immediately recognizable,  Masking Tape  is a high performance tape that's especially good for holding, protecting, bundling and more.

  • Constructed with a heavy, thick, crepe paper backing, this masking tape is reliable and easy to handle. This masking tape is also designed with a natural rubber adhesive for good, instant adhesion and excellent holding power.

  • Easy to tear and simple to apply,  Masking Tape  also has good transfer resistance for clean removal, which has made it a staple in classrooms.

    Features and Benefits

    Heavy, thick, crepe paper backing provides good paint lines Natural rubber adhesive offers good, instant adhesion Adhesive offers excellent holding power for reliable performance Offers good transfer resistance for clean removal Easy-to-tear design provides simple application

    Typical Applications

    Holding Protecting Bundling Labelling Painting Arts and crafts

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