Forge Mc4 4 in 1 branch connector

Product description:

  • This is a pair of 4-to-1 MC4 cable assemblies for solar panels and photovoltaic systems (4 male + female, 4 female + male connectors). These connectors are typically used for linking 4 solar panels together in parallel but can also be used for more complex solar systems where 4-to-1 MC4 junctions are required.
  • These connectors fit all Photonic Universe solar panels and most other solar panels with MC4 connectors.
The connectors are fully waterproof, making them ideal for use outdoors in all weather conditions. Specifications:
  • Input solar cable cross section: 4mm2
  • Input solar cable length: 10cm
  • Output solar cable cross section: 10mm2
  • Output solar cable length: 10cm
  • Cable connector type: MC4

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