Mining Safety Helmet
Mining Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet - Reinforced ABS Material Breathable Cap Suitable for

Construction site Construction Engineering Helmet Industrial Chemical Mining

Oil Worker Anti-Smashing Helmet Hard Hats

  • High-strength ABS engineering plastic material, durable and resistant to impact and impact.
  • One-touch rotary button adjustment, simple and practical, adjust to your comfortable wearing style.
  • A 6-point connecting fabric cap lining that effectively dissipates the impact from the outside of the cap.
  • This safety helmet is your protective shield from falling debris, unexpected bumps and electrical shock to the head from hanging wires, It combines strength with rigidity, making this hard hat a great choice for your protection.
  • Hard hats High strength, good insulation, Safe, comfortable and easy to clean,high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, etc.

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