Builders Hawk – Aluminum

Product description

The plastering hawk is precision built using only the highest quality of tempered aluminum to ensure it's durable yet light weight. The soft grip sponge rubber handle is designed to deliver comfort and protection from blisters and callus. The blade is machine finished to ensure a smooth surface that holds the mortar and prevents from sliding off. Machine cut and smoothened rounded corners reduce the risk of accidental injury. Precision manufacturing controlled by strict quality control measures ensure you get the best Plastering Hawk that lightweight yet extremely durable.

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Trowel Notched Cushion Grip 280x115mm


  • Stainless steel blade Soft grip handle 280x115mm Cushion Grip
notched trowel is used to spread adhesive and thin set. It differs from a regular trowel in that it has notches, usually on two sides of the blade. Running a notched trowel over adhesive or thinnest leaves behind rows of the product.

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