Braided Rope Coil – 10mm x 100m

  • 10mm x 100m –Forge soft cotton braided rope.
  • An 8 plait braided cotton outer and natural cotton core.
  • Our cotton rope is smooth and soft in feeling and is unbleached giving it a natural ecru color.
  • Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium and the fiber is almost cellulose.
  • Ideal to use in upholstery and many decorative and craft applications.

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Braided Rope Coil – 12mm x 100m

  • Forge three strand nylon rope – 12mm x 100m.
  • Makes for an ideal mooring rope – extremely strong and easy to splice.
  • Approximate break strength – 3000KG

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Braided Rope Coil – 8mm x 100m

  • 8 Plait coreless Forge polypropylene safety rope – 8mm x 100m reel.
  • Bright, hard-wearing, flexible, lightweight and waterproof – the ideal marine safety line.
  • Available in white color ways for high visibility.

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Tow Rope – 5 Tonne


  •  48 -4 mm wide meters long and up to 5 tons of heavy forged hook 2, easy to operate
  •  For heavy-duty forged steel hook 2x car, van, 4x4 and agricultural vehicles (up to 5 tons), easy on / off operation is housed in a nice storage bag
  •  Tow rope use: No matter if your car is in the ditch, stuck in the desert, deep hole, snowy or even swamp mud, this leash can be installed to help you drag your beloved car away from it. The  place, the recovery belt will never let you down!
  • Safety: Durable, no safety problems, thickened and thickened, protect the belt edges from wear and wear, and ensure long service life.
  • We provide a variety of items for camping, traveling, and outdoor use, so that you can purchase one-stop shopping and have a pleasant trip.

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