Combination Spanner CRV Polished 6mm


  • Color:                Metallic (Customized)
  • Description:      Chrome vanadium steel Mirror polished chrome plate Hardened and tempered
  • Quality:               HRC42-46 CHROME VANADIUM steel sealed on the spanner
  • Weight:                22g
  • Size:                     6mm, full length 100mm

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Combination Spanner CRV Polished 9mm


  • Chrome vanadium steel Mirror polished chrome plate Hardened and tempered
This tool range is designed and engineered for ease of use and superior longevity. Expertly designed and precisely machined from high-grade materials, these tools are suitable for both industry professionals and handypersons alike.

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Shifting Spanner, Carbon Steel, Chrome Plated 12″ (300mm)

Product description

  This adjustable Wrench with various amount of uses is your go to wrench for all your professional uses & DIY uses. Fully polished with chrome plated and fully hardened and tempered for extra durability. Made with selected alloy steel for longer lasting. Effortless screw adjustment for easy handling. Specification
  • Made of Selected Alloy Steel
  • Fully Hardened & Tempered
  • Fully polished & Chrome Plated
  • Effortless Screw Adjustment
  • Size: 12""/300mm
  • Drop forged and heat-treated carbon steel construction with chrome plated finish
  • Features easy-to-turn knurls for adjusting jaw width to grip a range of fastener sizes
  • Handle hole for tethering, hanging or storage
  • Laser-etched mm jaw scale for easy size adjustment
  • Used for automotive maintenance and repair, plumbing and general assembly tasks.

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Universal Spanner Set 9-32mm

Product details:   3 Different Grippers for Various Needs-  There're 2pcs auto-ratcheting wrenches with 3 grippers, and these universal grippers are suitable for nuts or bolts whose diameters are from 9mm to 32mm. And they can also be used for various shapes, like square, hexagonal, triangle and so on. Magic Self-adjust & Easy to Use- The grippers of N-grip spanners are adjustable, and you don't need spend too much time adjusting the size of gripper if you need remove nuts with different sizes & shapes, and you can operate it by one hand, so it can help save your time and energy. High Hardness & Durability-  Made of high carbon steel, these pipe monkey spanners have high toughness & hardness and good grip. With the overall heat treatment & forging process, the torque of this crescent self -adjustable wrench spanner set is great. With self locking function, it's not easy to slip when you use these grippers. Non-Slip Handle & Portable Size-  With ergonomic design, the handles of this TPR universal spanners are comfortable to hold, and have a long service life. Owing to the small volume, it's convenient for you to carry the quick snap wrench set anywhere you want. Wide Application- This gear-wrench set can work for nuts, bolts, pipes, taps, valves, woodworking, plumbing, carpentry, machinery and gardens, etc. And these universal wrench's are also perfect for repair or replacement of kitchen, bathroom, carpentry or mechanic, car, auto, motorcycle, bike.

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