Brown Packaging Tape – 48mm x 50m

Convenient & Easy-To-Apply Rolls For Strong, Secure & Sticky Seal For Parcels & Boxes.

 Buff 48mm x 50m Quality Tapes that Stick Perfect for Sealing of Cartons and Plastic Bags

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Cross Fibre Glass Tape – 48mm x 50m

Glass fiber is a high-performance inorganic non-metallic materials . Components of silica, alumina, calcium oxide,boron oxide, magnesium oxide sodium. It uses marble as raw materials at high temperature-melting,lamp working, winder,weaving and other technology, Finally a variety of products. Glass fiber characteristics: 1)High tensile strength, elongation small(3%) 2)Coefficient of elasticity, rigidity good. 3)Flexibility within the limits of elongation and tensile strength of a large quantity of high impact energy is absorbed large . 4)For the inorganic fibers , a non-flammable, and good chemical resistance . 5)Absorbent small. 6)Scale stability , heat resistance are excellent. 7)The processing of the best , make stocks,beam carpets, weaving and other forms of products . 8)Through transparent light . 9)Resin and then of good surface treatment agent of development completed.

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Double Sided (Two Way) Tape – 24mm x 2m

Product Description : Double sided foam tape has become an indispensable tape in industrial production and daily life due to its easy to use and double-sided adhesion. It use foam as base material and coating on both side with adhesive ,then make it in rolls with releasing paper. Features : Double sided adhesive. Excellent adhesive. Aging resistance and safe in using. Tensile strength. Low costs durable, economical.  Advantages : Good flexibility. Play a role of fixing. Good stickiness. Easy to bond. Applications : Can be used in auto parts, household appliances, electronic devices,industry and so on. Adhere posters, photos, and envelopes. Shoes and leather industry . Fixing of ornament hook. Can be used in daily life.

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Duct Tape – 48mm x 25m – Black

Product details

  • Coated cloth as backing with rubber resin adhesive coated. It has high tensile strength, excellent moisture resistance, easy tear
  • It conforms well to irregular surfaces
  • It is a good choice for bundling, heavy carton packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing and air conditioning ducts.
  • Max strength
Colour: Black
Size: 48mm x 25m

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Duct Tape – 48mm x 25m – Silver

The silver Duct Tape 48 mm x 25 m is a pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape, which is coated with an aggressive rubber based adhesive on cloth material. Another name for this product is cloth tape. It has high adhesion, high tensile strength and can be easily torn off at the required length This High-Bond tapes offer: Excellent adhesion grip** Great weather resistance Rain and water resistance UV Resistance (sun exposure) Higher temperature resistance

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Insulation tape 19mm x 10m

Product description: insulating Tape 19mm x 10m

  • Elastic and durable adhesive tape made of PVC which is characterized by high strength and flexibility used for waterproofing objects conducting electric current, for example, wires.

Specifications insulation tape

  • Tape insulating PVC
  • Width: 19 mm
  • Length: 10 mm
19mm X 10M rolls of PVC insulation tape supplied in a trade pack of 5 rolls.
  • 1x White
  • 1x Red
  • 1x Black
  • 1x Green
  • 1x Blue

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Insulation tape 19mm x 20m

Product details: 19mm X 20M rolls of PVC insulation tape supplied in a trade pack of 5 rolls

1X Black 1 X Red 1 X Green 1 X White 1 X Yellow Flame retardant Professional, high quality PVC electrical tape

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Kraft / Gum Tape – 50mm x 50m

  • Using this tape helps with any safety and security issues. If the tape is broken, then you will know the box has been opened.
  • Instructions: After packaging is ready, just cut the desired length, apply a thin layer of water and attach to any box or cardboard packaging and stretch across the length of tape to adhere.
  • The tape is activated when water is applied to the underside.
  • This tape is mainly for cardboard packaging purposes. Your boxed packages will look professional and neat without any box seams like ordinary transparent tapes. Especially important when you are moving, as any tampering of the box is evident.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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