Wire Brush For Drill Set 6pcs

6Pcs Brass Coated Wire Brush Wheel & Cup Brush Set with 1/4-Inch Shank,

6 Sizes Coated Wire Drill Brush Set Perfect For Removal of Rust/Corrosion/Paint

- Reduced Wire Breakage and Longer Life

  Wire brushes are used to remove rust paint and weld spatter on all types of metal parts or surfaces. Is Suitable for multiple uses. Keep one in your car, garage, office and kitchen. With 100% satisfaction. Designed for easy access into narrow holes and confined areas. Crimped style for light to medium duty applications, Removes rust, scale and paint in hard to reach areas. 6pc Brass Coated Wire Drill Brush for removal of rust, corrosion and paint. 1/4" shank fits all drills. Hardened steel wire for reduced wire breakage & long life.

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Wire Brush Set 4pcs Plastic Handle

DESCRIPTION Heavy duty plastic handle with hanging hole Blackened finish steel wires 3 row,4 row,5 row, and 6┬árow For sanding,grinding and cleaning wood,metal and stone  

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