10mm Galvanized Chain – 20kg Container – Approx. 9.5 Metres


Galvanized Steel Short Link Calibrated Anchor Mooring Chain
Great for use as Mooring or Anchoring Chain, Playground Equipment and General Use
Breaking load - 5000kgs
10mm diameter Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Chain which is great for mooring or as a Load Binder Lashing chain
The simplest way to check that you are buying the correct calibration is to take a measurement from your existing chain, providing of course that it fits correctly.

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13” plastic tool box

  • Ideal for either a professional or an amateur worker, this heavy-duty plastic tool box offers sufficient storage for the tools that you use the most and plenty of organizational features so that you'll never have to waste time scrounging around the bottom of your box for the item that you need.
  • Two integrated lid organizers make keeping screws, nails, wall anchors, wire and other small pieces neatly contained and close at hand a cinch. Their clear plastic tops eliminate the frustration of opening the wrong compartment because a quick glance is all it takes to see what is inside.
  • An inner removable utility tray provides even more opportunities to arrange your supplies your way. You can use it right there in the box or take it out and place it beside your workspace for even easier access.
  • Built to last as long as you need it to, this handy plastic tool box features a convenient metal lid stopper that keeps the lid open while you're working. A solidly constructed latch and a built-in padlock eye deliver secure tool storage when you're not. The box's sturdy handle fits comfortably in your hand and won't falter under the weight of your tools when you're on the move.
  • Thanks to its durable ABS construction, it resists most chemical solvents, acids and bases. You'll never have to worry about it denting, rusting, rotting or peeling, and the whole thing can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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270w poly crystalline solar panel

Description of the solar panel:   High performance solar panel with robust design is a good solution for stand-alone system. Panel is protected with specificly toughened glass in case of hard weather conditions as hail, snow and ice. Anodised aluminic frame provides physical stability to a panel.   Solar panel:   - Policrystalic silicon with 17% usage of solar cells - By-pass diode for a better usage in shadow parts - Tempered glass for weather condition protection - Anodized aluminium frame

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3mm Galvanized Chain – 20kg Container – Approx. 120 Metres

Features and Benefits • Steel chains with welded links • Galvanised finish Applications When selecting a chain, it is important to take into account its loading capacity and certification. Unless certified for lifting, a chain should not be used for lifting purposes, but can be used for suspension purposes. Non-lifting chains can be used for securing things such as gates or gas cylinders in light to medium duty applications.

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40w solar street light

Product description:

  • Anti UV+ABS+PC Shell, waterproof, anticorrosion, effective heat radiation, long lifetime
  • Polycrystalline solar panel, improve battery charging efficiency, outdoor lighting, waterproof and sunscreen
  • Simple and quick installation, high pole installation and wall installation.

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4mm Galvanized Chain – 20kg Container – Approx. 64 Metres

4 mm Steel Chain with hot dipped galvanized finish. Not suitable for lifting. Suitable for a whole range of uses - galvanized to protect from r

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5mm Galvanized Chain – 20kg Container – Approx. 40 Metres


  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Security Chain
  • Heavy Duty Chain Perfect For Hanging, Lifting and Pulling
  • Secure High Strength Side Welded Links
  • Ideal for Securing Gates, Shed and Garage Doors, Bikes and Motorbikes
  • High Quality Strong Steel
  • It is a heavy duty mild Steel chain Hot Dipped Galvanized.  It is suitable for a variety of uses including; security, lifting, hoisting, towing, pulling, hanging, fencing, decoration, marking boundaries and for playground swings.

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6mm Galvanized Chain – 20kg Container – Approx. 28 Metres

Specifications: Maximum Recommended load 160 kg (not tested) Inside link length 42 mm Uses: General commercial use including security, hanging signs / lights / other objects, car park boundaries. Not suitable for overhead lifting, load binding or towing applications

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6pcs Insulated Screwdriver Set


  • 3 pcs slotted screwdrivers: 3x75mm, 5.5x125mm,6.5x150mm.
  • 2 pcs phillips screwdrivers: 4x80mm, 5x100mm
  • 1pcs 125-250V voltage tester 3x75mm
  • Material: CrV Steel
  • Made with top quality aluminum for industrial and commercial use, Black finish blade with magnetic tips which could conveniently attracts screws

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