3pcs Centre Punch Set

  • Use of advances played a small dot on the workpiece, as a marker (such as central or circumferential line when drilling), or other point of the center line position, to facilitate processing.
  • Suitable for proofing hole before steel, aluminum, copper and other materials drilling of drill positioning, to avoid direct drill drilling position deviation will cause slippage or damage to the drill bit.
  • Gives precise starting point on steel and other solid materials
  • Allows you to easily mark work using one hand prior to drilling which will prevent the drill from slipping
  • Automatic Spring Loads Then Releases At Top Of Cycle With Force To Create Centre Punch (No Hammer Needed)

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3pcs Diamond Saw Blade 115mm set

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Materials: Blade: 65Mn Steel Cutting Blades: Alloyed Powder(Diamond, Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt, etc.) Description: High density of diamonds for easy cutting. Suitable for cutting ceramic, tiles, paving slabs, breeze blocks, brickwork, granite, asphalt, marble, masonry, stone,                        metal, concrete, refractories, etc. Wheel supplied with 22.2mm(7/8") bore and 20mm(4/5") bush

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50mm Cup Wire Brush for drill

  • Hex Shaft suitable for use with drill drivers when cleaning and polishing metal surfaces
  • The crimped wire is ideal for lightly removing loose paint, rust or dirt without scarring the base material
  • Shaft 1/4" Hex
  • Wire Thickness 0.3mm

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5pcs Mounted Stone Set for drill

About this item

  • High grinding efficiency, can grinding & polishing quickly.
  • Use for compatibility with most electrical cordless drills.
  • Ideal for sharpening and grinding steel.
  • Shapes include tree, cone, large cone, cylindrical and ball.
  • Easy to use, greatly save manual labor, and save production cost.

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Cold Chisel Flat 12″ Rubber Cushion Grip

Chrome vanadium steel blade with satin finish Soft grip handle for comfortable handling & protection Used on brick and stone.    Flat blade cold chisel is almost an-Inch thick!

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Cold Chisel Point 12″ Rubber Cushion Grip

  • One piece forged construction for strength
  • Hardened, quenched, and tempered for long life and durability
  • Ergonomic, bi-material hand-guard helps protect from over-strike, reduces slipping, and absorbs vibrations
  • Powder-coated finish for easy visibility
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Coping Saw 7″ With 3pcs Spare Blades

Colour: Metallic Saw Frame, Black Handle and Black Saw Blades. Materials: Saw Blades-Q235 Carbon Steel Saw Frame: Metal Handle: Plastic Description: Full metal frame with plastic grip 3PCS spare blades Widely used in sawing aluminum, wood and other small items Wear protective glasses and protective gloves when using Quality: Surface finish: zinc plating Different sawteeth size of blades Sharp sawteeth Smooth handle

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Cutting Disc Metal 100 x 3 x 16mm

Product Details

All Purpose Flat Cutting Disc.
  • Suitable for cutting all types of metal
  • Great value, European standard cutting disc suitable for a range of stone cutting applications
  • Manufactured to high quality and safety standards but with the added edge of being extremely competitive
  • Max RPM 15,200
  • Designed for use with 100mm angle grinders

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Electric Blower
$55.00 $52.00

JXS Coal Lighter - BBQ Fan Top Electric Forge Blower - 220V Pure Copper Motor - for Barbecue Fireplace Fans,370W

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