10mm Wire Wheel Brush

Product Details

High resistance brass dipped steel wire. Ideal for surface preparation, removal of rust and scales and other general cleaning applications. Suitable for bench grinders. Complete with 32mm - 13mm bore reducing bushes. Max rpm 6,000.

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11pcs Hole Saw Set (19-64mm)

 Product Information

    MaterialsSteel 45


    QualityHardness: HRC42-45, no flexure, fracture and rusting phenomenon

    Finish / ColorAntirust oil coated on the surface of the product

    Size Details19mm (3/4"), 22mm (7/8”),28mm(1-1/8”),32mm(1-1/4”),38mm(1-1/2”),

         44mm (1-3/4”), 51mm (2”), 64mm (2-1/2”)

         2PCS mandrels/ 1PCS hex key wrench

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13pcs Wood Drill Bits Set 6mm-25mm

13Pcs 6-25mm Flat Wood Drill Bits Set High Carbon Steel Cutter Carpenter Tool Flat Drill Bit Specification:
Category: Reamer drill Material:
High-carbon steel Length: Approx. 15cm/ 5.91" Shank diameter: Approx. 6.35mm/ 0.25"
Features: The cutter head is made of carbon steel, cutting edge is more precise and the cutting is sharper and quicker. Hexagon handle with extension rod design, no slippage. Punch stability and effort, drilling lasting strength. Apply to bench drill, DC, AC hand drill. Package Included: 13 x Drill Bit

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160A DC Inverter Welding Machine

Product description:

  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology, excellent Arc stability, hot start, anti-sticking, forces adjust, steeples amperage control, all generators friendly.
  • Automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, over load protection.
  • Fan automatic temperature control, intelligent fan control operates when welding commences to cool components and reduce airborne contaminants pulled through the power source.
  • This is specially designed welding machine, can use all electrode, with force adjustment function.

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200A DC Inverter Welding Machine


-Uses insulated-gate bipolar transistor Technology (IGBT)

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25mm End Wire Brush For Drill

 Product Information

    Materialsiron sheet, steel 45, hardened BP steel wire

    QualityWithout flexure, fracture, shedding and rusting phenomenon

                    For removal of rust,paint and dirt,for roughening,de-burring,stripping or polishing  

    Finish / Colordesign changed quickly


    Size DetailsEnd wire brush 25mm, 0.3mm hardened BP steel wire;Max RPM 4500

    Others: Use With Power Drill

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34pcs Screwdriver Bits Set, CRV

About this item

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: This set includes 2 pcs 2-1/4-inch magnetic extension bit holder and 4 Tri-Wing bits, 6 SAE Hex bits, 3 bits, 4 Spanner bits, 6 Metric bits and 9 bits.
  • HIGH QUALITY: These bits are constructed from heat treated Chrome Vanadium Steel. These bits are precisely CNC machined, so the tamper holes will work every time and the bits won’t shear off.
  • COMMON APPLICATIONS: The use of security fasteners is becoming more common. Cars, toasters, video games, sewing machines, newer electronics and even coffee machines all have them.
  • EFFICIENT: You can count on these tools to help you remove and replace security fasteners.
  • EASILY USE: These bits can be used manually or with any small drill capable of 2-1/4" drive shaft.

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5pcs Auger Bit Set 230mm 6-14mm

Product Details
  • Hardened precision ground high carbon steel
  • Fine pitch for efficient removal of waste material
  • Contents:6,8,10,12,14mm
  • The cutting point begins to drill in the center, eliminates the need for a central punch.
  • 230mm long, perfect for thick pieces of wood.

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5pcs HSS Hole Saw Set (For Cutting Metal)

Product Details
High Carbon Steel Hardened & Tempered Contents: Hole saw Size 32mm(1.1/4"),38mm(1.1/2"),50mm(2"),54mm(2.1/8")&Mandrel with Pilot Drill

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