5pcs Protection Kit (Ear Muffs, Safety Goggles & Dust Masks)

  • The perfect package for around the house usage
  • Includes goggles, ear muffs and a particulate filter
  • Perfect for cutting weeds, using a chain saw or mixing chemicals
  • Don't get caught without protection
  • For when safety is important to you

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Dust Mask Box 50pcs Handyman

afety Products Dust Mask Handyman High Quality OEM

 Materials: PP non-woven,aluminum strips in the middle  Finish / Color:White   Usage: Dust prevention

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Dust Respirator – Double


  • Flexible facepiece material provides an excellent face-to-respirator seal which improves fit and comfort.
  • Long-life cartridges are approved so they are at least 99.97% efficient against oil- and non-oil based contaminants, and are oil-proof so they have no time use limitation.
  • Included P100 low-profile cartridges feature rear-entry air flow that helps keep debris out of filter and makes fit checking easier.
  • The included hygiene cover helps keep dirt out of mask when not in use and helps keep shape of seal intact.
  • Headband swivels on hinges for improved comfort and fit.
  • Two-piece neck strap for easier donning/doffing.
  • Latex free

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Dust Respirator – Single

Product details:

1. Designed to prevent the inhalation of dust.

2.It must be noted that these masks are not effective for poisonous gases or vapors.

3.It must never be used in circumstances where the Oxygen concentration is lower than 18%.

  • Superfine Fiber

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Ear Muffs Handyman

Safety Products Ear Muffs Handyman OEM Ear Cover

The ear muffs are rated to only 27 decibels.  

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Ear Plug Holder & Plug Set


  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Made from soft silicone with a Christmas tree shape to be comfortable to wear all day long. Lightweight, portable and handy.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Great for noise reduction at work or at home. Use these noise blocking earplugs when sleeping, swimming, hunting, at concerts or at construction sites. Perfect for use when traveling!
  • 6 pairs rubber earplugs 1x head band ear plug holder

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Filter Dust Mask

Description: Stay protected from all the dust, outdoors or indoors. * Filters non-toxic dust pollen, powders, and paint spray. *Material: Plastic frame with filter *Adjustable elastic band and replaceable filters

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Forge Safety boot



  • Full grain
  • Water proofed Leather
  • Reflectors
  • Oil, Acid & Slip Resistant Dual density Sole
  • The Forge Safety Boot is an approved safety boot, has an anti-static easily removable inner sole, is oil resistant, as well as shock resistant.
  • This heavy-duty boot has a steel toecap with impact protection of 200 Joules and is heat resistant up to a scorching 90 degrees Celsius.
  • This item has a genuine leather upper and dual-density PU sole.

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Full leather gloves 27cm


  • Cow split leather, Full lining, One piece back
  • With high quality
  • Have much experience in safety products
  • Can provide best price to custom
  • Have mass clients from all over the world.
  • Anti-scratch, Heat Insulation, Anti-Static
  •  Household Electrical Appliances, Gardening, Cleaning

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