0.5 hp Head 80m

  Product details:

  • High efficiency: Newly Developed DC Brushless Permanent-magnetic synchronous motor, 10-20% higher than common motors
  • Easy Movement: Volume and Weight is only 1/2 of other pumps with same specification.
  • Auto-protecting: If there is no water in well for 1 minute, will stop working automatically. After 30 minutes, will start automatically to test whether there is water or not.
  • Multi-Power Choices: Could connect with solar panels or batteries.
  • Submersible solar pump has internal controller, the pump can be connected to solar panel directly.
    If the input voltage are generally out of the range 18~45v, the pump will stop working automatically, then the pump will test the input voltage every 5 minutes and restart if it is normal.
    DC pump should be used at a reasonable lift, too high lift will overload the pump's motor.

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0.75 hp Head 70m


  • water supply system
  • booster
  • garden and farm irrigation
  • lowering underground water level
  • various industrial applications.

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1 hp Head 125m

Product details:

  • More efficient, longer life, lower power consumption
  • Based on the same volume of water, it requires lesser quantity of solar panel comparing with AC pump, user investment smaller, lower cost
  • High speed digital signal processor, high speed MPPT tracking, adapt to changeable weather
  • Protection- high water protection, low water protection

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2.2kw water pump solar inverter

2.2Kw Solar Water Pump And Inverter

Includes Solar Pump Inverter and Submersible Water Pump.
  • Full Automatic
  • MPPT, without Setting of Solar Panel
  • LED display of Input Voltage and Output Frequency
  • IP65
  • Without Programming
  • One Key to startup/stop
  • Protection:
    • Input Anti-reverse
    • AC Out Phase lost(3Phase)
    • AC Output Short Circuit
    • Dry run By sensor detecting
    • Over Flow of Tank by sensor detecting
    • Solar Low Voltage
Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to the water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump.
Second Generation of MPPT Function: Efficiency up to 30% higher with more output water flow.
One Key for Startup/ Stop, support to also adjust the output water flow.
Without battery, storing water is more efficient and cheaper than storing electricity, reduce the cost of construction ,operating and routine maintenance
Fully automatic operation, Non-parameters to setting, easy for users.

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Booster pump

Product details: Booster pumps are designed to smooth out water pressure in areas where the flows are highly variable. This type of pump is essential in water management systems and is used in a wide range of public and private settings.

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Booster pump (1 box)

Product details:

  • Equip with Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor, high speed(4000rpm), high efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight(less international shipping cost)
  • MPPT function controller
  •  Automatically working function: every morning solar jet pump will start working automatically when there is sunshine
  • Work with both solar power and DC power, can connect with solar panels and battery at same time, will use solar power in advance which is more higher efficient thanks to MTTP function.
  • After more than 10 years research and sale, customers feedbacks are good, solar pump is durable.
  • solar jet pump is widely used for farm irrigation, hotel water supply, borehole water transfer to another water tank, etc. 48v 72v solar surface water pump dc solar booster pump kit solar jet pump

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Float switch


  • Float Switch helps to regulate water levels.
  • Including 3 meters of cable and balance weight.
  • Usable both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC).
  • Suitable for nominal current of 4A at 250V AC.
  • This float switch is ideally suited to control the level of a tank, reservoir or pond. The switch comes with a 3 meter cable and balance weight.
  • The waterproof switch floats on the surface. The balance weight can be attached to the cable and can be hung to the desired depth, this sets the desired control level.
  • The free length of the cable (between the balance weight and the switch) determines the lowest and highest level.
  • The smallest controllable level change is approximately 20 cm. At an angle of about 45 degrees, the device switches. The switch can be used normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO).
  • The float switch can be used to switch a pump or alarm.
  • Key benefits: - Can be used for both NC as NO operation - Including 3 meter cable and balance weight - Robust watertight PP housing

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Fuel funnel

Product details:

  • SPECS: Black no spill multi purpose funnel with handle has a height of 7 inches, 6" diameter bowl, 3/4" wide collapsible spout, 10 inches long flex screw-on funnel extension
  • QUALITY: Sturdy & corrosion resistant funnel kit made with heavy duty, durable, highest quality PVC plastic makes the best funnel to change and transfer liquids, fluids or powders
  • DESIGN: Wide neck and wide spout offers rapid filling, innovative no mess, non spill, anti splash design makes universal funnels convenient and versatile tool to use in the garage
  • USES: Multi-purpose funnels safe & easy to use for water, gas, kerosene, petroleum, gasoline, engine oil, coolant of car, truck, suv, van, rv, jeep, motorcycle and other vehicles

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Hand Grease pump 16Litre

Product Description:

  • Capacity(Kg) 16
  • Hose length(m) 2
  • Working pressure(PSI) 3000
  • Portable manual grease pump..
  • Ideal for all workplace and high pressure greasing on any machine equipment.
  • Barrel covered with corrosion resistant powder coating.
  • Rigid terminal with 4-jaw grease coupler.

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