Cable Tie 2.5x100mm Pack 100pcs (UV Treated)

Product Description
UV resistant cable ties are the ideal option for high ultraviolet environments. These ties are specifically manufactured to be used for continuous or extended exposure to outdoor use and UV light specially. UV resistant cable ties are made by incorporating stabilizers in the nylon resin, adding to the functionality that they provide. They are produced to be considered a weather resistant grade, with enduring additional UV light being the most important added benefit. In addition to being UV resistant, these cable ties are UL94V-2 Rated, meaning they are conform to the standards set by UL in terms of standards for safety of flammability of plastic parts.
1-High level of strength
2-Very robust construction
3- Very reasonable rates
4-Strong structure
5-Suitable for a variety of applications
6-Standard and Heavy Duty Tensile Strength
7-Weather resistant grade for Ultraviolet (UV) light (black color only)
8-Continuous or extended exposure to outdoor use

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Cable Tie 2.5x150mm Pack 100pcs (UV Treated)

High Quality Material:We use strong and flexible material, weather resistant and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue. With standing temperatures from -35¡ãC to 85 ¡ãC, The UL Flammability is 94V.2 Material:UL recognized fire resistant Nylon material. Strong cable ties usable in many applications, Great for use in the home, office, workshop, garage and professional applications. Color: Black Top Quality Cable Tie: Rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Resistant to extreme heat and cold ranging from from -31¡ãF to 185¡ãF (-35¡ãC - 85¡ãC). Value: Cable Zip Ties are thicker and stronger, it meaning you can use fewer of them and you don't have to worry about them breaking in extreme use conditions. Get Organized: Use the Cable Tie to organize messy cables behind your entertainment center, computer, desks, and around the house. When you're done there use them to clean up wiring, hoses and accessories on your vehicle, boat, RV or anywhere else where tidy cable management improves safety or appearance.

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Cable Tie 3.6x200mm Pack 80pcs (UV Treated)

Ideal Applications: Color coding, Identification, Packaging Continuity, and Bundling Aesthetics. Application: Widely used to bundle cable and wire or other things in the industry of electrical &electronic, lighting, hardware, pharmaceutical, chemical, computer etc. Feature: Heat-resisting, and erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age.

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Cable Tie 4.8x300mm Pack 50pcs (UV Treated)

Perfect for: Binding innards of electronics, such as computer, TV, packaging objects, organising cables, also can used for agriculture, horticulture, small handmade art, garage and workshop tidy. Heavy Duty Durable Nylon Ties can support up to ( 3.6X200mm : 16kg )(4.8x300mm:22kg). Loop tensile strength. Heat and UV Resistant: Working temperature is -40F-150F.Anti-acid, Anti-corrosion,UV Resistant. Saw tooth Anti-skid & Locking design, adjustable and easy to use.

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Cable Tie 7.5x500mm Pack 100pcs (UV Treated)

1. Cable ties Application: For indoor and outdoor use. A variety of materials and colors is available for specific applications. 2. Cable ties Using Instruction: One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability. Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry. Curved tip is easy to pinch up form flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation. 3. Cable ties Features: Working temperature: -35º C— 85º C Material: Heat resistance, UL listed Nylon 66 Color: Natural and black, others is optional

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