Dots Laminated Work Gloves

  • This glove combines comfort, breathability, and dexterity. PVC laminated dots on the palm and index finger for enhanced grip. Suitable for: • General-purpose applications • Machinery operations • Maintenance
  • Pvc dots on both side provide super grip
  • Tensile strength, cut protection
  • Perfect for cutting work and glass handling
  • Sold by pair

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Full Leather Gloves – 27cm

  • Resistant to oil and grease
  • 27cm length
  • Interlock lined for easy on/off
  • One Size Fits All

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Full Leather Gloves – 50cm

Key Features

All leather, value gloves, grain cow hide leather palm and split leather back
Recommended Industries/Use
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Abrasion

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Glove Working, Leather – Whole Palm

Description & Range of uses –

  • Quality Construction
  • Leather Palm and Fingers
  • Great for Skiing
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Construction
  • Yard Work
  • Wing Thumb
  • Grips Well on Wood and Other Building Materials
  • High abrasion & Puncture resistance make these work gloves ideal for construction, demolition, farming, maintenance, ranching, and more
  • High abrasion & Puncture resistance creates a durable work glove that lasts
  • Wear-resistant – reinforced leather palm patch increases overall wear, grip, and durability

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Heavy Duty Latex Gloves

About this item

  • Natural latex has excellent elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance, durable.
  • This product is made with the unique formula of natural latex and professional equipment. It can be used in 70% sulfuric acid solution and 40% sodium hydroxide solution continuously, suitable for chemical printing and dyeing industries.
  • Durable Only one size-Extra Large, long gauntlet cuff protects lower arm and forearm(3 kinds length choices).
  • Acid and alkali environment with good barrier properties ,protecting hands from chemicals.
  • Ideal for: Automotive, Furniture Renovation, Chemical Industry , Household Cleaning, Car Washing, Mechanical Maintenance, Yard Work, Aquarium, Laboratory etc.

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Household Latex Gloves

Feature of Latex household gloves : 1. Low in water-soluble proteins, no chemical residue, harmless to human bodies; 2. Puncture resistant, tear resistant, blade cut resistant and abrasion resistant; 3. As a reusable product, just rinse in clean water after each use and air drying; 4. Storage of Latex household gloves : Store the glove in its original packaging protected from direct sunlight, far from heat sources; 5. Shelf Life of Latex household gloves : 3 years from the manufacture date under proper storage condition.

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Leather Reflector Gloves – 26cm

Leather Working Gloves "BASIC", length about 24-26cm long. The front of the work glove and fingers made of excellent quality cow split leather. The back of cotton fabric with elastic fastening tape. Fitted with a hard textile cuff. Minimum levels of mechanical strength: 4 (friction) 1 (blade cutting) 2 (tear) 3 (perforation) Leather is the traditional material of choice for many when it comes to gloves, and has a long and glorious history. As a glove material, it offers a level of abrasion protection that is hard to beat, but unfortunately is not effective against cut. We have recreated some of our most popular styles in high visibility fabrication to further increase safety on the job.

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Leather Work Gloves – 34cm

  • Heat Resistant:  heatproof welding gloves are made of premium heavy duty cow split leather, can withstand temperatures of 200 Celsius and protect your hands in even the most extreme conditions.
  • Anti-scratch and Cut Resistant, these gloves are perfectly resistant to ensure the safety of all its users from professional to amateur and home to work places.
  • Flexible and durable for welding, BBQ, grill, smoker, oven, baking and gardening. These gloves are heat resistant, flame retardant, puncture resistant and cut resistant.
  • ONE SIZE FIT MOST - Perfect for outdoor barbecue, garden grilling, kitchen cooking or welding.

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PVC Gloves – 30cm


Ideal for petrochemical and refining; and handling oils, acids, caustics and alcohols.  
  • Available with smooth or semi-rough finish
  • Semi-rough finish provides enhanced wet grip and improved cut-resistance
  • Color: Red

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