0.5 hp Head 80m

  Product details:

  • High efficiency: Newly Developed DC Brushless Permanent-magnetic synchronous motor, 10-20% higher than common motors
  • Easy Movement: Volume and Weight is only 1/2 of other pumps with same specification.
  • Auto-protecting: If there is no water in well for 1 minute, will stop working automatically. After 30 minutes, will start automatically to test whether there is water or not.
  • Multi-Power Choices: Could connect with solar panels or batteries.
  • Submersible solar pump has internal controller, the pump can be connected to solar panel directly.
    If the input voltage are generally out of the range 18~45v, the pump will stop working automatically, then the pump will test the input voltage every 5 minutes and restart if it is normal.
    DC pump should be used at a reasonable lift, too high lift will overload the pump's motor.

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0.75 hp Head 70m


  • water supply system
  • booster
  • garden and farm irrigation
  • lowering underground water level
  • various industrial applications.

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1 hp Head 125m

Product details:

  • More efficient, longer life, lower power consumption
  • Based on the same volume of water, it requires lesser quantity of solar panel comparing with AC pump, user investment smaller, lower cost
  • High speed digital signal processor, high speed MPPT tracking, adapt to changeable weather
  • Protection- high water protection, low water protection

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