Booster pump

Product details: Booster pumps are designed to smooth out water pressure in areas where the flows are highly variable. This type of pump is essential in water management systems and is used in a wide range of public and private settings.

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Booster pump (1 box)

Product details:

  • Equip with Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor, high speed(4000rpm), high efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight(less international shipping cost)
  • MPPT function controller
  • ¬†Automatically working function: every morning solar jet pump will start working automatically when there is sunshine
  • Work with both solar power and DC power, can connect with solar panels and battery at same time, will use solar power in advance which is more higher efficient thanks to MTTP function.
  • After more than 10 years research and sale, customers feedbacks are good, solar pump is durable.
  • solar jet pump is widely used for farm irrigation, hotel water supply, borehole water transfer to another water tank, etc.¬†48v 72v solar surface water pump dc solar booster pump kit solar jet pump

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